Indian Traditions…How can your Diwali be different

India and its Culture:

India’s rich culture and diversified traditions need no introduction! What with each tradition creating its own artistic materials and food varieties, you can find something unique after every 30 kms, so to speak.

For example, Tanjore dancing dolls, Kondapalli toys, Aranmula mirrors etc. were all created with kings either employing consultants from other parts of the world or gathering experiences from different kingdoms across India. And we are talking of a period dating back to two centuries.

Post-independence, Indian government was unable to sustain the development of these traditional products per global standards with ethnic back lace. And now the production of these products are disintegrating due to low market potential.

If we let these unique and ethnic products die, then it is either going to take centuries before we can rebuild something similar or we will just lose a major part of our tradition forever!

Hence, it has become important that we sustain the manufacturing of these products to retain our tradition and values.

Diwali 2017 celebration:

Diwali Deepam

India celebrates many festivals in which Diwali is one of the most popular one. Diwali is also called festival of lights. Diwali is all about cultural products, traditional wears and celebrating our ethnic heritage. There is also no Diwali without sweets. And the best part being that there is no religious bar when it comes to celebrating this festival, with the belief that the lights spread around eliminates the darkness in everybody’s lives.

There are more than 2500 products hosted in NativeBag which are ethnic products from various localities in India. All these products like Tirunelveli HalwaGokak KaradantuSattur Seva are being traditionally manufactured since 100 years. This Diwali 2017, Nativebag plans to launch Diwali bonus offers, with unique Diwali products and Diwali sweets listed on this special occasion. Look out for a variety of Diwali Gifts in

Drops make ocean, bricks build palaces. Let’s all come forward and try in our own little ways to contribute and help flourish our traditional manufacturing industry.
Celebrate this Diwali with homes full of lights and also decorate with Home Decors. Else, gift your loved ones or friends.

What is more healthier than millets! Here’s a list of traditional Diwali sweets and snacks made of millets – Murukku/Chakli, Laadoos, Nippets, Seedai, Mixtures, etc.
Have a safe Diwali and let’s make our penny count for healthier traditional items! 🙂


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