Indian Sweets: A Rich Blend of Flavours and Traditions

It’s no secret that Indians have a sweet tooth. Relishing a traditional dessert after a hearty meal is almost a tradition in Indian families. These traditional delicacies apart from satiating our yearning for a sugary treat are also an important part of celebrations. Be it a wedding ceremony or a festival celebration, no gathering is complete without sweets. A rich mix of diverse flavours, Indian sweets have found audience in India and outside the country, which has led to the rise online stores selling Indian sweets online.

So what makes Indian sweets different from their western counterparts? To answer this question we’ll have to delve into the country’s past. Rulers from different parts of the country often needed a comfort food after a satiating meal, which led to the discovery of several culinary treasures, that we today call sweets. The flavours of these sweets were inspired by the local traditions and way of life. Be it the eastern, southern, western, northern, or central part of India, every region has its own range of sweets that have become a part of the local cultural heritage.


Indian Sweets: Variaties

The list of Indian sweets is virtually an unending one. From pistachio barfi and sohan papdi to gulab jamun and shrikhand and everything in between, there is no dearth of options for avid foodies with a sweet tooth. Rich in flavors, these sweets are seasoned with dry food toppings and dipped in caramel, saffron, butter milk, or rose essence. It is this specialised way of producing Indian sweets that gives it an edge over its more modern western counterparts.

Unique Preparation Style

Indian sweets: Unique Preparation Style

There is something unique about mithais. No two types of Indian sweets are prepared the same way. Local customs, traditions, and beliefs influence the preparation style and the ingredients used. Bengalis, for instance, prefer using Nolen gur in many sweets; A practice that is unique to the region.

Traditional Sweets are Just a few Clicks Away

Indian Sweets: : Traditional Sweets are Just a few Clicks Away The popularity if Indian sweets and their growing demand overseas has motivated many retailers to set up online stores selling Indian sweets online. Surveying overcrowded shops to get your favourite sweets is a thing of the past. All you need to do is find a store selling Indian snacks online and with just a few clicks you can get traditionals Indian sweets delivered at your doorstep. So, what are you waiting for? Start your search for a reputable online shop selling Indian snacks online and get ready for a never ending session of indulgence.


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