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Gangifa- a medieval entertainment card playing or equivalent of today's card game which arrived in India along with Mughals and took its different regional forms. It was also used as a means to tell, learn and teach stories from Hindu epics. Sawantwadi Ganjifa from Maharashtra, Navadurga Ganjifa from Orrisa, Rajasthan and Gujrat Ganjifa , Kashmir Ganjifa, Nepal Ganjifa and the Mysooru Ganjifa which was patronized by erstwhile rulers of old Mysore state. It is circular or rectangular in shaped and hand painted and was entirely an elite game during monarchies in India. Though it had a great place in medieval entertainment, gradually it vanished from with the time. Mysore Gangifa was revived by an eminent Artist Shri Raghupathi Bhatta or Ganjifa Rahupathi Bhatta he is popularly called as. He has put his 30 years of life in it to revive this dying art. He uses vegetable and natural minerals color and mixes with his own hands. His Gangifa paintings are now available in

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