Gokak is a taluka in the Belagavi District of Karnataka and 550 km away from Bangalore and 70 km from Belagavi. The famous 52 meters Gokak Falls in river Ghataprabha river is just six km away from the Gokak town. There is a hanging bridge across the river and a old power station. There are monuments from Chalukya era on the bank of Ghataprabha river. There is a river-facing temple dedicated to Lord Mahalingeshwara. Best time to visit Gokak is the rainy season. Gokak is famous for its sweets Karadantu, Ladgi ladu, Peda and Kunda. Karadantu is made with edible gum, dry fruits and jaggery, it has chewy texture. It is considered as the the legacy of Uttar Karnataka.

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