Barter Sharing Gift - An Old Dye but with a novel Tinge

Do you remember your neighbor aunt’s over rated Laddus+Apple+motichur laddus combo during Diwali? I still remember that and now terribly miss it, why? Because it was not a simple fruit+sweets combo gift. It was packed with of love and togetherness we shared as neighbors and distant relatives. This was how we celebrated the spirit of festivals earlier, by sharing. Every house had its own specialties which were shared with neighbors, relatives, friends, acquaintances and even strangers. Is this viable anymore? is an e-commerce company which specializes in carefully sourcing the specialties from every place in India. This festival season it comes with a new and unique concept of native gift bartering!


As in yester years, here one can gift any native item to their friend/families to bring a smile:) Person who receives the gifts, as an obligation can return back the love to another person and/or others. This way we can still celebrate the festivals, intended for the purpose - spirit of sharing.


Why Native Specialties?

Like every house had their own speciality items that were shared, every region in india has its own speciality which is worth sharing. It also promotes these regional specialties beyond its region in the form of love and share.

"You are here because someone had ignited this spirit of festival. Now it's your turn. Let it grow and the world enjoy the special feeling of Sharing"


Step 1: Logon to the Website of and select a product (

Step 1: Barter Sharing


Step 2: Select Barter Sharing Gift option (


Step 3: Provide your Giftee's Mobile, Email & Postal Address, if you don’t have postal address, Nativebag will get it for you.


Note: In case you do have the address please do provide the details by clicking on the “Do you have address details?” button.


Step 4: Make the Payment and then Tag your Friend/Family member in Facebook


This step helps spread the chain of Barter sharing as they say “Happiness is doubled when Shared”. Also it increases the chances to complete the order with certainty.



In case we are unable to find the address details of the Giftee within 72 hours, we will cancel the order and initiate a reversal of the payment.


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